3 vacation tips for your career

This is how you advance your career, even when you’re lazing on the beach – all you need is your smartphone:

1. set new goals

Primarily, of course, you should relax and unwind on vacation. But if your thoughts revolve around your career, why not steer them toward a new objective: where do you want to be in the next few years, do you want to stay in your current position, or do you yearn for a new challenge?

The best way to define your new goal is to use the SMART principle:

Timeable(= terminated)

Formulate your goal in the 1st person, positive and in the present tense. For example, one goal might be:
By the end of the year, I apply to 15 companies and receive 2 suitable job offers.

According to this method, keep your goals in writing. It is not enough just to have them in mind. The more specific and precise you define your goals, the clearer you will be in achieving them.

2. networking

Once you have set your new goals, you can think about who might help you achieve them. To do this, use your network and expand it – and do it from the beach chair: what contacts do you have on Xing, LinkedIn or other social networks? Are there any recent posts from your contacts, such as job openings at their employers? Also, see if your contacts are in turn networked with interesting people who could help you achieve their goals. Then just ask if the person can introduce them. And do some research to find interesting groups that have people in them who could also help you. There are also numerous regulars’ tables and network meetings in various industries. Is there a suitable event in your city? Then sign up right away for the Autumn Days and share this news e.g. on Xing. Often other attendees will write to you in advance, or contact you and ask you about their experience at the networking meetings. And you’re already in the conversation.

3. research and pimp your profile

Look at your online profiles on Xing, LinkedIn and co. and compare them with profiles of people who are already where you want to be. What skills do you already have that fit your new job, for example? Highlight them. Or you want to work in a different industry and have already gained experience in this field, then make this visible in your profiles. Are you still lacking knowledge or experience for your new path? Then research what you need to get there. Are there any workshops or seminars that could help you? Or are there events, trade shows or conventions where you could make contacts. For engineers, for example, there is the VDI Recruiting Day in several cities in Germany. Here you can even do an application check on the spot. Are you dissatisfied with your salary and want to know where your market value lies? Then get a salary check. At MINT Solutions, we offer this free of charge for STEM professions.

You can also register with the career service Experteer to be found by headhunters. Create a profile here with your resume and mark that you are open to new offers. You can read how headhunters generally find you in our article “5 tips with which your dream job will definitely find you“.

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