Why digitization is creating a record revival

Virtual reality, blockchain, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence… The list of trendy words that digitalization brings with it is long. But if you believe trend researcher Matthias Horx, there is another paradoxical phenomenon associated with digitization.

“The more digitalized and connected it becomes, the more people crave things they can touch, reality and beautiful design. As humans, we are analog beings; too much virtuality makes us sick,” says Horx.

If we take a look in shop windows or furniture catalogs, records, wooden furniture and retro design catch our eye.

The trend researcher even speaks of “revenge of the analog” and overvaluation of digitization. Which does not mean that digitization should be declared a failure or even dead. Rather, this should not be seen as just black or white, a curse or a blessing. New paths and opportunities are opening up, leading to the hybrids between the real and digital worlds. For example, Horx does not believe in analyses that predict the loss of 50% of all jobs due to digitization.

At the same time, he sees the digital giants like Apple, Google, Amazon & Co soon facing a crisis caused by their own monopoly structures.

Read the whole interview on Zeit.de: http://www.zeit.de/news/2017-12/29/gesellschaft-trendforscher-horx-digitalisierung-wird-uebertrieben-29121202

Whether this assumption will prove to be true, we will be able to observe in the next few years. However, as a specialized HR consultancy for STEM professions, we have noticed for years that digitalization is creating new jobs. Thus, it is still software developers, as well as experts in cryptography, artificial intelligence or machine learning, who are among the most sought-after specialists.

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