6 events on the topic of agility that you should not miss

All agile or what? Also this year almost no one gets around the word of agility. What are the trends and innovations and who is leading the way in agile transformation? We have compiled a list of exciting events that you should not miss:


+++ Agile HR Conference +++ 08.-09.05.2019 +++ Cologne

The Agile HR Conference is your meeting place for the future topics of Agile Transformation, Agile Leadership and Agile HR.


+++SCRUM Days +++ 04.-05.06.2018 +++ Stuttgart +++

Jeff Sutherland once made the statement: “Scrum is a tool to change the world”. The SCRUM Day organizers take up this sentence and make it the motto of Scrum Day 2019. An absolute highlight are the workshops that visitors can book with world-renowned key note speakers:

OpenSpace Agility (OSA) with Dan Mezick

Daniel Mazick with an OpenSpace Agility (OSA) workshop. Daniel is bestselling author of “Inviting Leadership” http://www.InvitingLeadership.com (#1 on Amazon for months). As well as “The Culture Game: Tools for the Agile Manager.”

Inviting Leadership Master Class with Dan Mezick

Directly after the Scrum-Day Dan Mazick holds a 1st day workshop
“INVITING LEADERSHIP Master Class with certification”.

Certified Scrum Master Seminar (CSM) with Jeff Sutherland

Dr. Jeff Sutherland will be conducting his two day Scrum workshop “Certified Scrum Master” at Scrum Day again this year. Learn from the person who launched the first Scrum team and is considered the founder of Scrum along with Ken Schwaber.


+++ Agile World 2019 +++ 08.- 09.07.2019 +++ Munich

In which direction is agility developing? What are the new strategies on the way from agile team and value stream to agile organization? Where is Agile Evolution taking us? What is the interplay with “new work”? What role can Beyond Budgeting play in this? Discuss these and other issues at Agile World 2019, July 08-9 in Munich, Germany.


+++ Agile by Nature CAMP +++ 29-31.08.2019 +++ Lüneburger Heide

The Agile Camp is designed as an “unconference”. All participants openly determine the contents and the course of the event. At the start of each Agile Camp day, the content is developed together and fleshed out as it progresses. The event is primarily intended to strengthen the regional network and ensure good connections between active agilists in the north. It should be a German-speaking camp, because with topics around communication, collaboration and coaching it often depends on the nuances. We have chosen our mother tongue so that we do not lose anything from it. The Agile Camp is self-organized and filled to the brim with questions, problems and solution ideas around mentoring, coaching and leading agile organizations, teams and individuals. It’s all about teaching agile values, promoting agile culture change, and more.


+++ 10th Agile Cologne +++ 13.09.2019 +++ Cologne

On September 13, 2019, the tenth Agile Cologne will take place at the Dorint An der Messe Köln in Cologne-Deutz. As usual, the event will take place in the manner of an Open Space, accordingly there is no fixed agenda, but we will determine the topics together right at the beginning of the event.

+++ Agile Barcamp +++ 14.-15.09.2019 +++ Leipzig

After Jurgen Appelo in 2017, there was another TOP keynote speaker in 2018: one of the co-authors of the agile manifesto – Arie van Bennekum. The surprise – he also came.

In addition, Stefan Truthän (CEO & COA – hpp Berlin) came with his extremely successful keynote on the topic “Hierarchy is dead, long live the topic!”. We are excited to see which keynote speakers will be appearing in Leipzig this year!


+++ Manage Agile +++ 05.-07.11.2019 +++ Berlin

This year, Manage Agile will take place in Berlin for the eighth year in a row.Manage Agile has set the focus on Agile Leadership and addresses everyone who wants to learn the importance of Agile Leadership. In various “short workshops”, with a time slot of 100 minutes, visitors can benefit from the shared exchange of experiences and obtain solutions for challenges in the company. At Manage Agile, key players of agile topics meet to exchange experiences. The conference is therefore THE networking platform of modern business and project management.

+++ Tools4agileteams +++ 21.-22.11.2019 +++ Wiesbaden

The Tools4AgileTeams conference will take place on 21. and 22. November 2019 for the eighth time in the Hessian state capital Wiesbaden.

A conference to share agility in teams and organizations at all levels: from the sense and nonsense of using tools and making the most of them in agile software teams to scaling agile models and processes across entire organizations. Open exchange at eye level, pragmatic approaches to solutions, interactive elements, personal atmosphere, high-quality presentations, on the pulse of the times (and for some even beyond).

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