Does New Work also mean New Employees & New Leadership?

Implementing New Work in companies does not happen overnight, of course. In the same way, employees and managers do not become New Work specialists overnight. Rather, it is about actively participating in change:

New Work = New Structures

In times of digital transformation, agile network organizations play an important role, because only they can respond to new challenges and unpredictable requirements in the best possible way. Conformity, hierarchies and rigid structures are a thing of the past – today, agility, diversity and networking are in demand – from employees and managers alike.

New Work = Self-Responsibility

Managers in New Work companies no longer function as an instance of control and instruction but rather as moderators and coaches who create a framework for collegial self-organization. New Work employees, on the other hand, develop from wage earners into entrepreneurs within the company who drive the company forward with passion and personal responsibility through their own ideas.

New Work = Culture of Trust

New Work also means cultivating an open culture of error. Companies that are fit for the future can only survive if the corporate culture views mistakes as a learning process and if critical issues are listened to. Pressure to perform and the fear of making mistakes inhibit the brain’s creativity and innovative power. So communication and cooperation at eye level is particularly important. This is how employees can be encouraged to take on more responsibility and drive innovation.

New Work = Creativity and Agility

Daily business is already being automated by computers and intelligent software and no longer needs to be actively implemented by employees. So the successful ones are those who do more than just software. As departments continue to merge and projects increasingly benefit from collaboration, attributes such as mutability, agility and creativity are more in demand than ever.

Basically, the term New Work has many facets. However, one thing is particularly clear: employees in New Work companies are clearly the focus. It is primarily about recognizing their talents and creating a framework so that they can use them to the best of their ability. Agility, personal responsibility and the courage to develop and implement one’s own ideas are THE soft skills of the New Work.

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