These are the 5 questions you should ask your future employer

You have reached the end of the interview and now receive the final question as an applicant: Do you have any questions? Even if at first you feel that you have received sufficient information about the potential employer, you should take the opportunity! You are once again expressing interest in the company and you can gain even more insight if you are now in the role of the questioner.

Prepare for the interview: jot down questions that come to mind as you research. Take them with you in writing and mention that you’ve given it some thought ahead of time and are happy to refer back to your notes. This looks prepared and professional, gives you a common thread and also some control over the conversation – he who asks, leads! Remember not to ask closed questions, but open ones, so that you can learn as much as possible about the company and also read something “between the lines”.

The salary question: this question is usually asked in the second interview, but can occasionally come in the first interview. You should not ask the question on your own. Your interviewees will definitely ask this question in the interview process. If you want to know what your market value is or what you can ask for, contact us and get a salary check.

We have put together five crisp questions for you to ask in the interview:

1. why has the position become vacant?

You may learn information about your predecessor in this question and be able to deduce what challenges exist in this area. It may also be that the position is newly created, indicating, for example, a growing company with potential. In any case, with this question you have the possibility to get some more information.

2. what is a typical working day like in this position?

Are there meetings that take place regularly, what is the exchange with colleagues like, when are there lunch breaks, etc.? Let your counterparts report and get valuable information about everyday life in the new job.

3. why do you work for this company?

This question is about your interviewer’s personal attitudes toward the company. Pay attention to the in-betweens and whether there is enthusiasm. You can also gain insight into the corporate culture and learn what motivates the employees in the company.

4. what distinguishes good from very good employees?

This question is a tricky one, because it indirectly tells you what the company expects of its employees. They can deduce what requirements they will be expected to meet and also gain insights into the corporate culture.

5. which management style do you use?

Here, too, you should get an impression of the corporate culture and learn how employees are managed, what priorities are set and what values the company lives by.

These are just examples of questions, you can of course ask substantive questions about the team and onboarding phase:

What does the onboarding phase look like in the company? ‘
How does the team put itself together?

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