5 reasons to search for a job with a headhunter

Are you looking for a new job and you don’t feel like going through the cumbersome application process? Then take a look at the benefits of working with a headunter.

1. benefit from the network of a headhunter and his insider knowledge

Benefit from the broad network of personnel consultancies. Headhunters are in daily exchange with companies, HR departments and candidates. They therefore have a broad network and many years of knowledge. It is helpful to work with a specialized personnel consultancy, as they have even more in-depth knowledge in their field. Thus, you may come into contact with companies that you might not have chosen and also benefit from insider knowledge that a headhunter has about the company or even individual departments. Personnel consultants usually work with their clients for a very long time and know internal structures, developments and processes in companies. You have a good sense of whether the candidate and the company are a good long-term fit. In an in-depth initial interview, a recruiter will get a picture of you and your career aspirations and match this with the matching vacancies. And in their own interest, headhunters are also interested in ensuring that the candidate and the company are a good long-term match – an unsuitable placement has a negative impact on a recruiter’s image with the client.

2. time saving - cover letter, no thanks!

Save yourself the daily sifting through advertised jobs on countless job portals like monster or StepStone, writing individual cover letters, making follow-up phone calls about what the next steps in the application process are. Because for placement through a headhunter, you only need your resume and references. The step of writing cover letters is eliminated in most cases. This is because recruiters ask you in an initial interview about general conditions, such as entry date, reason for change, notice period, etc., and pass this information on to companies. In addition, the HR consultant will keep you continuously informed about the process of your application and will select suitable positions for you.

3. valuable information about salary - salary check

Headhunters know current salaries in the industry in which they place. And again, the more specialized, the more knowledge the recruiter has. Also, salaries can vary between different companies, despite the same job posting. Therefore, get detailed advice from your headhunter. At MINT Solutions, we offer a free salary check for STEM professions. Contact us to find out your current market value: info@mint-solutions.de

4. career counseling and targeted preparation

Not only will you receive advice on open positions that suit you, but you will also receive career advice. Headhunters know the possibilities and steps of a career path and how to achieve them. This includes, among other things, your resume, how you present yourself in interviews and what dress code you should follow in the interview. Recruiters can also accompany you to job interviews, prepare you for them and give you direct and honest feedback on what went well and where you can improve during the interview.

5. access to the hidden job market

Many positions companies do not advertise at all. Be it that it is a succession filling, or that candidates who fit this position are so specialized that they are hard to reach via an open advertisement. These are precisely the positions that are particularly interesting. The company relies on the expertise of a consultancy and receives a well-selected proposal of candidates. If you fall below this, your chance of being invited for an interview is high.

And best of all, working with a recruitment consultancy is free of charge for candidates.

Are you currently looking for a new challenge in the STEM fields? Then take a look at our open vacancies or let one of our HR consultants advise you on your upcoming career move: info@mint-solutions.de

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