5 Tips for Job Hunting in Corona Times

Are you currently looking for a job, but not sure whether a change currently makes sense and what to look out for? At MINT Solutions, we are experts in recruiting for STEM professions and in daily interaction with companies looking for subject matter experts. Even though there is currently a great deal of uncertainty in many industries, there are still vacancies and jobs that are being filled.

1. question your career aspirations

Ask yourself if you are truly happy long-term in the job you are currently in, or if you are just staying in your current job for security reasons. What development opportunities do you have in your position and where do you see yourself in the next five years? If you take a deep look at these questions and come to the conclusion that you see yourself working for a new employer in the long term, you should take advantage of this phase, when many things are in upheaval, to reorient yourself.

2. what problems can you solve?

Ask yourself which problems you can currently solve for companies. Do you have skills in the area of IT, could you currently support the digitization of business models? Are you an expert in autonomous driving and can you lead teams in this area? All of these areas and many other STEM-related tasks are now in greater demand than ever. So find out what benefits you can bring to your new employer in the long term.

3. use the time to update your resume

You have decided to advance your career, you know your benefits and you are looking for a new challenge? Then take a proactive approach and update your resume. Now you have time and peace to deal with it. Before writing your resume, look for job descriptions that appeal to you. Think about whether you meet the requirements and adjust your resume accordingly.

4. use social networks

Use the time to network on social media: Social networks like XING or LinkedIn offer the fastest way. Remember that first impressions count – do you want to make a professional, credible and competent impression? Then show this one on your photo as well.

Show all relevant information: at which companies have you worked, what experience have you gained, what activities have you performed, what are your core competencies and what programs and technologies have you worked with? Also, use keywords – social networks will even suggest them to you. Check your online profile and compare it with profiles of people who are already where you want to be.

Also demonstrate your expert knowledge on social media by actively posting, commenting or sharing. For example, you can write your own articles on LinkedIn and post them online. Thus, you draw attention to yourself and can be found better by recruiters and personnel. Also network with people from their dream companies and like their posts.

5. companies that spend money to find experts want to retain candidates in the long term

If you’re still gripped by uncertainty about whether it makes sense to change jobs, read on for this expert advice: Companies that are actively hiring now usually have a well-run business model and want to grow in the long term. Companies need experts for this now more urgently than ever. Companies often continue to hire recruiters to find the right candidates and invest for this. So if you are shortlisted for a new job by a headhunter, you have a very good CHance that this job is important to the company. Time and money have already been invested to fill an important key position. You are also welcome to look for open positions on our homepage.

Take advantage of this time and discover your career opportunities in it, we wish you every success!

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