Episode 29: Salary calculators – how helpful are they really?

Have you ever asked yourself the question – how much am I worth on the market? And then you came across online salary calculators? Our Tech Recruiter Paul gives you his opinion on salary calculators and how to really find out what you are worth in the market.

Episode 28: Tips to deal with defeat

Not only in soccer, but also in “normal” professional life there are defeats. How can candidates deal with setbacks in the application process and throughout their careers? For helpful tips, check out our new podcast episode!

Episode 27: How do I behave after a job interview?

The job interview is over and now the question for applicants is: what should I do – wait and see, or take action? Should I provide feedback to the employer? If so, what does good feedback look like? Tech Recruiter Paul Jacobs reveals his expert tips.

Episode 26: Working in the sun – How does remote work from abroad work?

Working in the sun – what does digital nomad life in the sun look like? Julia reports how she spent two months on Tenerife, what hurdles there are when the laptop comes in the suitcase and the new workplace is called beach! What is the right place – castle in France or tropical island? What […]

Episode 25: When is the right time to change jobs?

Tech Recruiter Paul talks to candidates looking to change jobs every day. In this podcast episode, he reveals to us the main reasons for changing jobs and also what internal process applicants go through to find the right time. He gives many tips on how to find the right moment for a change:

Career booster body language: 3 tips for the application

Our body is a bad liar.We are constantly sending unconscious signals through our bodies, so communication is always happening. Our counterpart unconsciously receives signals from us – even if silence prevails. From there, it’s important to be aware of what signals you’re sending in the dialogue, especially if you’re looking to improve your career. Our […]

5 tips for a convincing application picture

You are about to take the next step on your career ladder and would like a career change. Often, this approach involves launching into an application process. Here, body language immediately begins to play an important role: The first impression that potential employers can form of you is the application photo, as well as photos […]

These are the 5 questions you should ask your future employer

You have reached the end of the interview and now receive the final question as an applicant: Do you have any questions? Even if at first you feel that you have received sufficient information about the potential employer, you should take the opportunity! You are once again expressing interest in the company and you can […]

5 unusual application questions

What do Smarties have to do with a job interview and how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse is explained by Nikolai Schwabauer, HR consultant at MINT Solutions: https://entwickler.de/online/karriere/tipps-bewerbung-fragen-job-interview-579886947.html

7 tips for the cover letter for IT professionals

Nikolai Schwabauer, IT team leader at MINT Solutions, has accompanied hundreds of IT professionals on their career path during his many years as an HR consultant. He shared his 7 success tips for cover letters for IT professionals in the following guest post at entwickler.de: https://entwickler.de/online/karriere/7-tipps-bewerbungsanschreiben-579871026.html Do you need assistance with your job search? Then […]