6 reasons to date a recruiter

That’s love: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! You think that only exists at the royal court? Then keep an eye out for a headhunter/recruiter in your search for your Perfect Match.

Because it’s not just about finding the perfect match in dating, it’s also about recruiting. Recruiters or headhunters often play Cupid here. Because they shoot their arrow at suitable candidates and companies. They are professionals in bringing together applicants and companies that are a perfect match in terms of their ideas and values. They succeed in this through a great deal of tact and knowledge of human nature. For these reasons, we took a closer look at this group of people and found many reasons why dating a recruiter pays off. Possibly then the headhunter himself no longer plays Cupid, but lets himself be hit by it.

1. headhunters are excellent listeners.

The job of a headhunter is to listen carefully and find out what the candidate wants from his future employer. In the same way, the recruiter listens to his customers to find out what candidates they want. A recruiter must quickly hear nuances and sense if what is being said is true. These qualities are essential not only professionally, because if you think about relationships, they often fail because partners feel misunderstood by their counterpart. A headhunter can bring this quality – at least professionally! These are already good prerequisites.

2. silence? Not on this date.

If you’re worried about having a lot of silent minutes on your date, date a recruiter. This one can do one thing perfectly: small talk and at the same time he can have a deep conversation, which is about wishes and ideas. So you have the chance to have an entertaining evening, where at best you will learn a lot about your counterpart, or about yourself. This is because you may be asked different questions than you have been asked on your previous dates. And another tip: everything there is about you on the net, your counterpart has already read – stalking online profiles is his or her job!

3. career booster when flirting!

Even if it doesn’t spark right away in the date, you can use the chance to have your job topic professionally analyzed. You can get some helpful tips from the professional right away, maybe you can also get information about open positions that fit you? If love doesn’t grow out of the date, you can at least score points in the career department.

4. you will not be abandoned!

You can count on one thing on your date: Your recruiter will not let you down or be late. Because those are exactly the skills he or she keeps on the job. A headhunter who shows up late with his candidate for the interview at the client’s site? Unimaginable!

5. commitment in times of non-commitment.

You can relax on your date. Because when Cupid meets your headhunter, he or she will do everything they can to convince them for a second date. Because recruiters are not only perfect matchmakers, but also excellent salespeople. They will ask you for another meeting in a timely manner. So be yourself and let yourself be surprised.

6. no fear of ghosting

And if the date didn’t spark, then you run less risk of ghosting (dating partner never gets back in touch). Because recruiters are used to giving their candidates honest feedback when job rejections occur. If headhunters have also transferred this qualification into the private sphere, then you run no risk from a sudden dive and brooding why, why, why.

Convinced? Then look at the job title when searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right. And if you have recognized yourself in the qualities, then consider working as a headhunter and apply to us.

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